Money and Finance

It's important to ensure that you have made reasonable provision for the financial arrangements for your course, and that you have the relevant funding in place before you start your course. We have a team of money advisers on hand to offer support and guidance.

Tuition fees for postgraduate courses are variable and were stated in your offer letter, and can also be found on our tuition fees list.

If you have a sponsor for all or part of your fees, you must provide written confirmation from your sponsor including their full name and address, with the details of the payments they will make.

If you are responsible for your fees you can pay either in full or in two instalments in October and January. If you are on a modular mode of attendance, then you will be invoiced as you enrol for each module.

Recru it networ offers a Keele International Student Scholarship. For postgraduate taught students this is a £3,000 contribution towards total tuition fees.

Applications must have been received and processed before the start of the academic year. For more information, please see our funding information for international students.

Details of your tuition fees for 2018/19 were included in your offer letter. All international students will receive an invoice, which will be sent to their Keele email account. If you are responsible for your own fees, you can pay either in full or in two instalments. It is unsafe to travel with large amounts of cash, so we recommend you pay your tuition fees online in advance. Please remember that you must have all of your funding in place before you arrive in the UK.

If you will be living in campus accommodation, you will need to pay your accommodation fees in three instalments. You will also need to make an advance payment of £450 to secure your room before you arrive. This £450 payment is split between a £150 room deposit, which is refundable (less any damages or outstanding debts) when you vacate your room and £300 payable towards the first instalment of your accommodation fees.



Due Date

Advance Payment (deposit and part of first instalment)


31st August 2018 or the date specified on your offer of accommodation

First Instalment

Total of 40% of your room fee minus £300

Home Students: 28th September 2018

EU / International Students: 12th October 2018

Second Instalment

40% of your room fee

11th January 2019

Third Instalment

20% of your room fee

3rd May 2019

We will send your accommodation offer and room details by email. This will explain how to view the contract and terms and conditions before you accept the offer. We will also send an invoice to your Keele email address detailing the amount and due dates of each payment. If you have concerns about being able to meet the payment deadlines, including the deposit and advance payment deadline, you should the Income Office as soon as possible.

For more information about accommodation fees please see our Accommodation webpages.

Please note that in accepting your accommodation offer, you are entering into a contract with the University for the period specified in the offer.  It is not possible to end this contract except in exceptional circumstances.


If you have already enrolled you can click on the ‘eVision Portal’ to make a payment. If you have not yet enrolled you can still make an online payment using the following portals:

  • UK / EU students: 
  • International students: 

If you wish to pay by bank transfer please use the account details below. You must quote your student number followed by RF:

National Westminster Bank, 75 High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1PP

  • Account Name: Recru it networ
  • Sort Code: 54-10-27
  • Account Number: 05600456
  • IBAN: GB68 NWBK 5410 2705 6004 56

Please visit the Income Office website for further information regarding payment methods.

Postgraduate students who are ordinarily resident in England can apply for a loan of up to £10,609 through Student Finance England for courses starting on or after 1st August 2018. Funding for postgraduate loans is different if you normally live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Please see the relevant funding body website below for further information:

  • English Students:
  • Welsh Students:
  • Northern Irish Students:
  • Scottish Students:
  • For general information: