Fee assessment - for applicants and current students

At Keele, the Admissions Office is responsible for all fee status assessments.

Regulations for assessing an applicant's fee status are determined by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, under Schedule 1 of The Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations (Statutory Instrument 1997, No. 1972) and as amended (Statutory Instrument 2007, No. 779) and by the Education (Fees and Awards) Act 1983.

It is the policy of the UK Government that students classified as 'Overseas' should not have the cost of their education subsidised from public money, but should be expected to meet the full costs of their study in the United Kingdom. The UK Government defines the categories of students who are eligible for ‘Home’ fee status, and education institutions are required to perform their own assessment based on these regulations. If you do not fit into one of these categories, you will be charged the ‘Overseas’ rate of tuition fee. For more information, . You can also call the UKCISA Student Advice Line on +(0)20 7788 9214.

Recru it networ takes its commitment to apply the law and defined regulations in a fair, equitable and above all consistent way from School to School, and from academic year to academic year very seriously. As part of that commitment, the university also understands its responsibility to verify documentary evidence from applicants confirming a specific immigration status in order to support our commitment to a fair fee assessment process in line with the regulations and with the law.

Assessing an applicant's fee status

Sometimes, upon receipt of an application, it is unclear whether an applicant is eligible to pay the 'Home' tuition fee rate. On these occasions, we will send the applicant a Fee Status Query (FSQ) form to complete. We will do this after we have assessed your application for your chosen course. The ruling on your fee status is made independently of the academic decision to offer you a place.

Fee status can . Therefore, it is important that you contact us before the start of your course if you think your fee status should be assessed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a British National/have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. Why have you sent me a fee status form?

Occasionally, it will be unclear from your application if you are eligible to pay the Home or Overseas tuition fee. Your fee status is based not only on your nationality, but also your country of ‘Ordinary Residence’. Your parent’s or guardian’s nationality or immigration status can also affect the ruling. Therefore, in order to make a fair and correct decision we will contact anyone whose fee status is unclear at the point of application.

Can I change my fee status part-way through my course?

Fee status can . A change to your residence or immigration status does not necessarily affect your fee status. If you believe you meet these criteria please email the Admissions Team on [email protected] quoting your full name and Keele student number. Please provide evidence of your change of status in your email.

I have previously been assessed as Overseas but my circumstances have now changed. What should I do?

We would be happy to re-assess your fee status. Please email us with evidence of your new circumstances.

Can I appeal the decision on my fee status?

We are always happy to review a fee status decision that we have made. Before contacting us, we recommend that you . Please then email us tell us why you think an incorrect decision has been made.

How does my fee status affect my eligibility for student loans and grants?

Student Finance’s rules for eligibility are similar, but not identical, to the fee status rules. Generally, if you are not eligible for Home fees, you are not eligible for loans and grants from Student Finance. You can find .

Where can I get independent advice?

You can call the The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) advice line on +(0)20 7788 9214. Current Keele students can also talk to A.S.K. in the Students’ Union.