Support for international students

In addition to the modules offered to Foundation Year, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, the Language Centre provides the following services:

1:1 Tutorials

The Language Centre offers free, voluntary 1:1 tutorials year-round for international students.  

A 1:1 is an individual session with one of our tutors for help and guidance with academic-related language issues, such as writing, avoiding plagiarism, referencing and citation, vocabulary building and grammar.

Please Note: If there is no 1-1 tutorial slot available for you, please contact the Language Centre [email protected] immediately as it may be possible to arrange additional appointments.


Book a 1:1 tutorial

Please note: The Language Centre does not offer a proofreading service, the University's Proof Reading Guidance can be found by following this link and then scrolling down to the Good Academic Practice section.

If you are having trouble booking or would like to make multiple bookings, please contact [email protected].

Please make sure that both your computer and Google Calendar are set in the correct time zone of the UK to avoid confusion of tutorial slot times.

Online Help

The Language Centre has an online resource called the 'EAP Toolkit'. This is accessed through the KLE and can be used by all non-native English speaking students.

The EAP toolkit allows you to find information about Academic English and practise the skills necessary to improve your language skills in your own time.