What's a Resident Adviser?

Resident Advisers (RAs) are a team of full-time Keele Students who live in Halls of Residence to help provide information and support to the 3000+ students who call Keele campus their home. The team help to create a positive academic and social environment. As well as leading on campaigns and events, they will also be able to provide you with welfare support all through the evening/night - so if you find yourself in a difficult situation and would like to get in touch, call the security hotline and ask if you can speak to an RA.


Intro to the team

Hi, I'm Nyssa, the Residence Support Coordinator.

My role is to provide you with support during your time living in Recru it networ accommodation. I do this by managing the RAs and also leading on residence-related drop ins. You can come to the Student Services Centre during any of the drop in times to speak to me about any issues you might be having, such as feeling homesick, falling out with your housemates or something else.The Resident Advisers are also here to help you, and you can find out more about them below.

In my spare time, I am a volunteer with Oxfam and attend music festivals up and down the country supporting their work (and having a good time!). I also have a bucket list and try to complete one thing from it each year... some of the things I’ve done so far include running a marathon, milking a cow, visiting Chernobyl and walking on hot coals!

Contact me here and find out more about your 2018-19 RAs below. Interested in becoming an RA yourself? .

Meet the team

Welcome to Barnes! We are your RA team and look forward to meeting you all. Come to us with any questions and we’re happy to help you settle in. Our dynamic team will be here to help and hope to provide you a supportive home away from home. We aim to offer you exciting new experiences, personal support and meaningful connections with fellow residents. Make sure you do say hello and here’s to a wonderful year ahead…

Barnes Resident Adviser 2018 Hi, I’m Jaksha and I’m doing a PhD in Parasitology at Keele. I’ll be an RA for Barnes, and me and the team hope to provide you with a wonderful Keele experience.
 Barnes Resident Adviser 2018 Hi. I’m Tom, I’m a third year Biomedical Science student all the way from Cumbria in the north. I’m not just an Resident Adviser however, I’m an M&S Resident Adviser :) I cover Barnes blocks B, F, P and Flats 1-5, so feel free to come to me with any concerns or questions you have, even if it’s something small.
 Barnes Resident Adviser 2018

Hi there, I am Millie, a class of 2021 Biomedical Science student and one of your RAs for the year. I enjoy teaching and spend the majority of my time working in hospitals as I pursue my dream to be a medical doctor.
I am an avid lover of music and love to travel to exotic lands. You will most likely find me video chatting in my leisure hours
I look forward to meeting you all!!!

 Barnes Resident Adviser 2018

Hello, my name is Hérms. I am the RA at Barnes. I study Adult Nursing here at the University. If you have any questions and see me around campus do not hesitate to stop me and ask.

 Barnes Resident Adviser 2018

Hi! I’m Amit, I am a 2nd year Biochemistry student living in Barnes! I’m from London, so coming to Keele was a big change for me! If any of you want a chat about moving to somewhere smaller, I’m here to help.

 Barnes Resident Adviser 2018  Hi, I am Simba your RA for the year, happy to help. I am a third year Computer Science student. I am the volleyball club captain and have also started to learn to box.
  Hey everyone, my name is Alice and I'm a final year Medical student. I'm one of the RAs in Barnes this year. Throughout my time living on campus I've always been in Barnes so wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you all enjoy moving to Keele and have a blast in halls. Feel free to come and say hi.
Barnes Resident Adviser 2018 Hi. I’m Gabrielle and I’m an Environmental Science and Physics student here at Recru it networ. Along with a team of RAs, I hope to make your time at Keele as enjoyable as possible in a welcoming environment. I have in interest in music and have previously been part of the physics society.
Barnes Resident Adviser 2018

Hello! My name is Maria and I am a third year Medical student. Last year I was an RA for Barnes Y and Z. I loved working with students and being a part of campaigns and getting to know people in the residence. This year, I hope to continue this exciting work and support the local Keele community. Cannot wait to meet you all.

Barnes Resident Adviser 2018

Hello, I’m Lauren and I am going into my third year studying Criminology and Law. I am one of the RAs for Barnes. I try and play an active role at Keele through the societies and activities I am a part of, such as Equestrian, Student Ambassadors and Keele SU Bars. A little more about me is I love to travel and explore so am often exploring Keele Woods with my friends. If you see my around campus I am always smiling so please come and say hi!

  Hi!  I'm Shannon and I'm a Medical student at Keele and will be living in Barnes accommodation.  I'm looking forward to welcoming the new students to their new home.  Starting university can be a scary but exciting time and we're here to help make the transition as easy as possible - can't wait to see you soon!


Hi, we're the Holly Cross and The Oaks Resident Adviser teams. We're students living in Holly Cross and The Oaks who work for Student Services, and it's our job to support the residents within these halls. If you see us out and about, please don't hesitate to ask any questions. We hope you have a good stay!!

Holly Cross Oaks Resident Adviser 2018

Hi guys, I'm Jenny and I'm studying for a Masters in Geoscience Treatment this year. Previously, as an undergraduate at Keele, I studied Geology with Physical Geography...whilst learning level 8 Spanish on the side! I will be your RA for Holly Cross and The Oaks this year, but I have also experienced living in Barnes. This is my third year working as an RA, so I look forward to meeting you all, and hope you have a fantastic time in halls! :)

Holly Cross Oaks Resident Adviser 2018

Hi, my name is Johnathon. I am an RA for Holly Cross and the Oaks. I am in my second year and currently doing a Biochemistry degree. I have a wide range of hobbies and interests so feel free to come to talk to me about anything.

Holly Cross Oaks Resident Adviser 2018

My name is Edward and this is my fourth year at Keele. My first three years here I studied Mathematics for my BSc and spent my time living in various blocks in Lindsay and Holly Cross. This year I'm living in Holly Cross again and am studying Biomedical Engineering for my MSc.
This is my second year as an RA and I enjoy the role as I like meeting new people and helping them through the many challenges that they face. I'm always happy to help someone whilst on duty and to answer any questions that they might have.

Holly Cross Oaks Resident Adviser 2018

Hi, I am Phoebe I am currently studying Neuroscience and this is my first year of being an RA. I look forward to meeting you all and making sure you have the best time whilst living here on campus. I am a massive foodie, love cocktails and meeting new people. If you ever see me around please come and say hi!

Holly Cross Oaks Resident Adviser 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I come from Greece. I am a proud Keele Pharmacy alumni and I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in Pharmacy, which adds up to 8 years around the area (yeah, I’m old). This is my second year as an RA, which means that I am fairly experienced in dealing with noisy students. However, I am also experienced in helping them out with issues that might concern them. I am located in the Oaks and I am happy to assist you with whatever you might need to make the most of your experience in halls. Enjoy Keele and see you around! 


Hey everyone, I'm Olu and I'm studying Law. I am an undergraduate at Keele, I will be your RA for Holly Cross and The Oaks this year, and I cannot wait to meet you guys! Please feel free to talk to me if you need to ask me anything. Have a great time!


Hello, I'm your RA in Oaks Block B and happy to help. 



Hey guys!

Welcome to a fresh academic year at Keele. We hope you had a smashing summer and are ready to commence your studies once again. You’ve made a great decision living in halls and lucked out by being place in Horwood! We highly recommend downloading the Keele Welcome and What's On and SU apps to keep up to speed with current events. If you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to us, the Halls Office or Student Services. Looking forward to seeing you around Halls!

 Barnes Resident Adviser 2018

Hi guys, I'm Dhanesh, a 4th year Pharmacy student and an RA for Horwood this year! Really excited for the year ahead and can't wait to get started and meet you all as we've got events, campaigns and socials planned for you guys to settle into the Keele community and get involved in Keele life! You'll see me around either doing sports (skiing, badminton), busy with running my own society (Ambassadors Society), on socials or heavily involved in the nightlife! If you have questions about student life or want any advice, then come up and speak to me! Enjoy freshers', get involved and download the Keele Welcome and What's On app to keep up to date with all the events! :)


Hi guys, My name’s Fai and I am an RA on the Horwood team. I study Pharmacy here at Keele and if you ever see me around halls don’t be afraid to stop me for a chat (:

Horwood Resident Adviser 2018

Hi I’m Moesha, a second year Law with Criminology student. I also did a Social Science foundation year. I’m 20 years old, Ghanaian, an Aquarius, and a Londoner. I’m look forward to meeting you all.


Hey guys, my name is Anna and I’ll be RA’ing at Horwood Halls this year. I study Pharmacy here at Keele. I’m going into my Masters year and I also did the health foundation year. You’ll most likely find me at the SU or enjoying the scenes at Keele Hall. Looking forward to seeing you around halls, hope you have a great time at Keele.

Horwood Resident Adviser 2018

Hey guys! I'm Katy, this is my fourth year at Keele and I'm going into my final year of English and American Literature (after doing a Humanities Foundation Year too). I'll be part of the Horwood RA team this year and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Feel free to come and say hi if you see me around and throw any questions you have my way.

Horwood Resident Adviser 2018

Hi, my name is Chalsea and I study Pharmacy here are Keele. I am one of the RAs based in Horwood and I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about living in halls or university life. Looking forward to meeting you all and I hope that you have a fantastic time here at Keele!

Hi, We're the Lindsay Team!
We look forward to meeting and working with you all over the next year to help improve your university experience. If you have any questions or worries feel free to get into or just collar us when you see us about.

Best wishes, Team Lindsay

Lindsay Resident Adviser 2018

Hi, I'm Charlie. I'm currently in my second year of BSc Psychology as a mature student and look forward to meeting you all over the course of the year. Best wishes, Charlie

Lindsay Resident Adviser 2018

Hi, I am Gabrielle and I am an RA for Lindsay halls of residence. I study Pharmacy and I am just entering my second year. This is my first year as an RA, but me and the rest of the team are really looking forward to supporting you guys whilst living in halls. I like talking so feel free to come to me with any problems you have and I will do my best to help. I hope to see you around!

Lindsay Resident Adviser 2018

Nice to meet you! I'm Binh second name Dang. I'm a third year studying neuroscience and biochemistryso if you have any questions, don't ask me. I'm joking, please do! Looking forward to meet you all.

Lindsay Resident Adviser 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Jordann Webb, I am a third year student studying history politics. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you all in the coming year.


Hiya, I’m Shalina and I am one the RAs for Lindsay Halls. I am currently a 2nd year Geography student and you can usually find me in the SU, library or in my room. I look forward to meeting you all and do come say hello if you see me around!

Hello! My name is Maheen, I’m a third-year Business student. Although I may be small, I have a big
heart. I may also have small ears, but I listen very closely! I am on a mission to help you as your RA, so please, don’t be shy in my presence.

Lindsay Resident Adviser 2018 Hello, my name is Rowshi and I am currently studying a Masters in Geoscience Treatment. I have previously studied Geology and Neuroscience at Keele and have lived in Lindsay Court and Lindsay Taylor House so I understand the important differences of hall life in both small and large blocks. This is my first year as an RA and I am so excited to meet and get to know everyone. I’m a huge fan of snacks and chats so feel free to say hi if you see me :) 


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