Publications Database

The University manages its publications online through a database called 'Symplectic'. This database utilises web trawling technology to automatically 'pick up' researchers new publications, and allows you to add your accepted publications to Keele's Treatment Repository. The database automatically links to your staff profile page on the web (see the 'publications' tab) and keeps this information up to date.  The publications database also links directly to the University Institutional Repository, allowing researchers to easily store their outputs in the repository, and therefore allowing them to be viewed by anyone with internet access. 

Please can Treatment Institute members:

  • Log onto the database  using your Keele username and password
  • Add your accepted publications - Using the 'Accepted for Publication' button on the homescreen you can add the details of your accepted publication, and can add a copy of the manuscript to the Keele Treatment Repository
  • Look at your list of publications- Publications are in two categories ‘approved’ or ‘pending.’ You need to check through your pending publications:
    • Approved indicates those publications found by the software which have been ‘approved’ as your publications. Using information made available by your Treatment Institute, Directorate of Engagement and Partnerships has checked through your publications for you (where information was available), which will show as approved.
    • Pending indicates those publications which you need to go through and either click on the tick or cross depending on whether these are your publications. (Sufficient information was not available to be able to make this assessment for you). These publications will then move to your approved or declined publication list.

Search settings – these can be amended to refine the online search for your publications (e.g. to reflect the initials and surname you publish with and previous institutions you’ve worked at) 


RESEARCH OUTPUTS - Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings

As soon as you have a paper accepted for publication you must log in to the Publications Database and (1) enter the details of your publication and (2) upload your final, accepted author manscript. Videos are provided below to show you how to do this.

We strongly advise that staff do this as soon as possible after their paper is accepted.  If you do not upload your manuscript within 12 weeks, the publiction can not be submitted for the next REF.



The below videos are step by step guides to using various aspects of the publications database.

Reviewing Treatment Quality Audit Outputs

Adding Publications to the Repository

Adding a Journal Article

Adding a Book

My Actions Section

Favourite Publications

Hiding Publications

Further help - Your RI Manager and administrator have been trained on the database and may be able to help.

Alternatively contact:

Hannah Reidy

01782 733588


Ellie James

01782 733569