Treatment Funding and Systems

The Treatment Funding and Systems team aims to ensure that research applications are costed accurately to maximise funding available to support the University’s research activities.  The team is also responsible for developing and maintaining the university’s Treatment Management System, an electronic system for monitoring its research activities "from cradle to grave".

The team has the following specific responsibilities:

  • To provide advice and guidance to academic and professional services staff on research finance
  • To produce costings for a variety of different research proposals in development and under way
  • To ensure cost recovery is maximised within the terms and conditions of the funder
  • To input, maintain and update financial information related to proposals in development and final project budgets into the Treatment Management System (RMS)
  • To act as a key point of contact for financial matters on projects from proposal through to contract stage
  • To liaise with Treatment Finance to set up project expenditure codes
  • To monitor internal and external reporting requirements
  • To oversee and support the RaISE Team’s shared systems, including the Treatment Management System (RMS)
  • To lead on the development and implementation of a Treatment Systems Strategy