Have a Mentor

If you are from a background that is traditionally underrepresented in higher education, you may feel that you would benefit from having some additional support to help you through your first academic year at Keele. If you meet one of the following criteria we will be able to offer you the support of a transition mentor:

  • Care leavers
  • Estranged students
  • Mature students
  • Student parents
  • Student carers
  • Local and commuter students
  • Students with a registered disability or learning difficulty

If you don't fall in one of the above categories but still feel that you would like some additional support, please us on [email protected] and we can advise you further about the support that you may be able to receive.

To find out more about having a transition mentor please read the information below.

Who will my mentor be?

Your transition mentor will be a current student at Keele who has completed at least one of study at Keele. We aim to match you with a mentor who has had a similar background and experiences to you, although don't worry if this isn't the case as your mentor will be fully trained to support a wide range of students. All mentors will also be able to pass on hints and tips based on their own experiences of studying at Keele.

How can my mentor help me?

Your mentor will be able to share with you their experiences and tips to help you to get the best out of your time at Keele. You can ask them any questions you may have about life at Keele. Whether it's what to bring with you, information about your course or life on campus - no question is too big or too small!

Your mentor is not able to help you with your course work or assessments, however they can give tips and advice about study skills and where to go for further support if you need it. Mentors will also provide further guidance on exams and assessments at a transition mentoring group session during semester one of your course.

How can I my mentor?

Once you have been allocated a transition mentor you will each be provided with one another's Keele email addresses in order to begin your mentoring relationship.

We will also arrange for you to meet with your mentor during the first couple of weeks of arriving at Keele.

Following this intial with your mentor it is completely up to you how you wish to each other. Some of our mentors and mentees swap phone numbers or add each other on social media sites in order to continue , however this would be your choice.

Will I get to meet my mentor?

You will be able to meet your transition mentor at sessions throughout the academic year which will take place at the following times.

  • September: Welcome to Keele
  • November: Preparing for exams and assessments
  • January: Transition to semester two
  • April: Progression to next year of study

Throughout the academic year you are also free to meet up with your mentor at times that are mutually convenient.

What if I no longer need my mentor?

If you feel that you no longer need your transition mentor and they have answered all of your questions then we ask that you your mentor directly to let them know you no longer need their help. However, we would strongly advise that you engage with the mentoring programme throughout the whole academic year in order to gain the full benefit - it will also give you opportunities to meet lots of other students at Keele.

Sign Up for a Transition Mentor

The sign up form for the transition mentors scheme will open in the summer. If you have any questions prior to this please feel free to get in touch with us on [email protected]