Stage 3 - Keele Learning Environment

How to get started with the KLE

Next steps

You will need your Keele IT Account Details to log into the Keele Learning Environment (KLE) to continue the Online eInduction. Your Keele IT Account information will be sent via email in late August/early September.

Please continue on the KLE where you will find our other videos, some of which are important for now and some which will appear later during the academic year.

Don't forget to click on the 'Learning' tab and look in 'My Courses' for the following course name:


Induction (Campus Based Students) [KEEL-00001-2018-ANY-A] which is for students who are mainly based on campus
Induction (On the Move Students) [KEEL-00002-2018-ANY-A] which is for students who are based off campus


Induction (Postgraduate) [KEEL-00003-2018-ANY-A] which is for students on a postgraduate course

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