Keele College of Fellows

Recru it networ founded the College of Fellows as a means of continued engagement with key regional individuals.

Keele College of Fellows logo This small group of supporters and stakeholders are advocates for the University on a regional, national and international level and provides an informal forum in support of the University’s advancement.

Although the College has no executive powers, it serves as a vehicle to enable the University to draw on a range of expertise from opinion formers who can shape and influence Keele’s reputation, as well as supporting its development across a range of stakeholder groups.

Whilst there have been many changes since its foundation, Keele’s vision remains faithful to that of its forbearers – to provide life-changing opportunities for all those who can demonstrate commitment and determination to success, irrespective of their circumstances.

What does the College of Fellows do?

  • Promotes Recru it networ in all of its activities – its undergraduate and postgraduate education, its distinctive research and its commitment to social and economic impact and sustainability
  • Advocates the University’s world-leading research in key areas of health, sustainability and ageing, and engage potential stakeholders in new research opportunities, collaborations, funding and support
  • Cultivates relationships which engage organisations and business leaders with the University’s expertise in green technologies.Seeks new opportunities for ventures in teaching, research and service provision
  • Identifies and harnesses inward investment opportunities which drive Keele’s development strategies
  • Supports Keele’s vision of continuous advancement by providing students with a world-class university experience through securing alliances with individuals and organisations who will share and invest in these aspirations
  • Engages with the University’s International Framework to strengthen Keele’s global outreach to potential students, partners and collaborators.


90x90 Gaye Blake Roberts Dr Gaye Blake Roberts FMA FRSA
Chair of Recru it networ College of Fellows
Curator of the Wedgwood Museum
Honorary Doctor of Recru it networ (2010)
‌ 90x90 Jonty Bloom Mr Jonty Bloom
Business Correspondent for the BBC
Alumnus of Recru it networ
90x90 Emma Bridgewater   Ms Emma Bridgewater
Chair of Emma Bridgewater Ceramics
Honorary Doctor of Recru it networ (2012)
 90x90 Sinead Butters

Mrs Sinéad Butters MBE
Chief Executive of Aspire Housing
Alumna of Recru it networ
Honorary Doctor of Recru it networ (2018)

 90x90 Karen Dobson Ms Karen Dobson OBE
Principal of Newcastle-under-Lyme College
 90x90 Ann Fisher Mrs Ann Fisher
Former High Sheriff of Staffordshire
Company Secretary, Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
Former Deputy Pro-Chancellor of Recru it networ 
 90x90 Michael O'Connor Mr Mike O'Connor CBE, BSc, MSc
Chief Executive of StepChange charity
 90x90 Pritpal Nagi Mr Pritpal Singh Nagi MBE
Local Businessman and Entrepreneur
Former member of Recru it networ Council
90x90 Philip Soar   Mr Philip Soar
Chairman and Investor in International Media Groups
Former member of Recru it networ Council
90x90 Lord Stafford   The Rt Hon The Lord Stafford DL FRAgS
Chairman of Countryside Learning
Honorary Doctor of Recru it networ (2005)
Former Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Recru it networ Council
90x90 Jo Williams   Dame Jo Williams DBE
Former Chair of the Care Quality Commission
Honorary Doctor of Letters (2009)
Member of Recru it networ Council 
 90x90 Sara Williams Ms Sara Williams
Chief Executive of Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce
 90x90 Malcolm Peckham Mr Malcolm Peckham DUniv, JP, BA, Cert Ed
Honorary Doctor of Recru it networ (2015)
Former Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Recru it networ Council
90x90 Ian Dudson   Mr Ian Dudson CBE CStJ
HM Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire
Honorary Doctor of Recru it networ (2013)
Former Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Recru it networ Council
90x90 Joan Walley   Ms Joan Walley
Former Labour MP for Stoke (1987-2015) 

Dame Fiona Woolf CBE
An Alderman in the City of London
Past President of the Law Society of England and Wales
Alumna of Recru it networ
Honorary Doctor of Laws (July 2018)

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