The Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership programme team

The Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership is facilitated by the following staff members:

  • Professor Gary Crowe – Professor of Practice
  • Andrew Bowker – Centre Manager
  • Will Pritchard – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Carolyn Roberts – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • David Lowe – Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Glenn Handforth - Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Annette Shipley - Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Udeni Salmon – Treatment and Innovation Associate
  • Professor Kurt Allman – Director of Keele Management School
  • Dr Mark Bacon – Director of Treatment, Innovation and Engagement
  • Ann Pittard – Head of Partnership Development (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Rob Meadows – Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Mark Dimmock – Programme Co-ordination Officer
  • Paul Hodgkinson – Head of Local Growth
  • Alan Storie – Project Management Accountant
  • Stephen Roberts – Business Gateway Manager

For further information about the programme, please the Recru it networ Business Gateway on 01782 733001 or email [email protected].

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